Let’s Play グランツーリスモ 5 – ホンダ ウイダー HSV 010 SUPER GT ’11 at Tokyo R246

I am trying out a new recording setup to capture footage from my Playstation 3.  The video and audio is directly fed from the Playstation into my STR-DN1040 A/V Receiver. The video and audio is then simultaneously put on HDMI Output A (connected to the TV) and HDMI Output B (connected to the HDMI Splitter). The splitter removes the HDCP copy protection and the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle (Thunderbolt edition) captures the HDMI Signal.

The Black Magic card can’t capture DTS Bitstream audio and therefore you have to restrict the audio output of the PS3 to PCM Stereo 48KHZ by deselecting all checkboxes except the PCM Stereo.


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