Projects Overview

The following (non-inclusive) list is a brief overview of the projects I have worked on throughout the years. Where possible, the assets and files of some of the projects, have been released under an open-source license and can be found on my github profile.


LoRaWAN Network

Since 2015 I have been working on deploying a LoRaWAN (Long Range) network throughout the city of Basel. LoRaWAN is a radio protocol optimised for low-bandwidth applications with extremely high range and wall-penetration. Details can be found on the specific project page here.

Lego Mindstorm Controller

During a course at university I developed a simple Android application as part of an assignment to control a Lego Mindstorm EV3 robot with the accelerometer and gyroscope of a smartphone. The movement of the smartphone directly translates to movement of the Lego Mindstorms EV3 . The application also enables the control of the robot arm to shoot balls. The code can be easily adapted to perform any action support by the EV3. More Details and videos from a competition at the university can be found on the project page.